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Summer Reading, Happy Rejection, and Heat Waves

summerreadingJust started my pre-VP summer reading, and after a “quick” trip to the library, I have five novels by VP instructors, plus another that I already owned (and am currently reading). Four others are on order from other branches of the library. And this is the “first wave.” Short stories aren’t included in this list, since so many are available online now, but I’ll be reading those, too. This will be no “light” summer reading, but a “heavy” reading load. But I’m diving in, eager for the challenge. And the fun! (Books I have to read? YAY! “Sorry I can’t do those dishes now, I have to read…”)

Over the weekend, I got an email rejection. Well, yeah, no surprise there. But … this rejection came from a pro-paying market. And it was personal!!! Very personal, in that my little story had made it to the final round of consideration before falling to the wayside. I’d be on the roof dancing like a maniac if the story had made it into this publication, but I’m still pretty ecstatic that I got (let me say it again) a personal rejection from a pro market! I had to try to explain to a non-writing friend why I was so happy with a rejection (waves at friend, who reads this blog). I guess some things are mysteries to non-writers, and always will be, the way the workings of my microwave will remain to me. (Yes, I could go read up on it, but really, I just want my butter melted. Fast.)

And then there was the weekend. A lovely, long weekend away, filled with too much fun and good food. But travel makes one fractious, so I was looking forward to being home and taking a nap after we landed Sunday morning in Newark Int’l. The temperature there was between 97 and 99°F. When we got home, we discovered that, sometime during our absence, the AC had broken. Inside it was 84…85…86°F. We called the maintenance supervisor and left for a late lunch and a trip to the (blissfully air-conditioned) bookstore and mall. Whew. So much for that nice cool nap. Still, there is such a thing as “loaner” window AC units at our complex, and those things brought out apartment (which topped out around 88°F) back to bearable by bedtime. The repairman came today, and lo!–the outside temps plummet, and now it’s raining. Still and all, I’m glad to have the AC back in working order. It facilitates my reading 🙂  Speaking of which, gotta run. Books to read, you know.

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  1. I love your writing and your site. Nice to know there is a place I can go everyday to relate, relax, and not worry about my own wordpress site, that by the way, thanks to you, I finally have pages that show up on my site. Thank so much.

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