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Better, But Not Great

I’m back to writing today, so my health is much improved over Sunday and Monday. Yesterday I managed almost 500 words on a new story before passing out to nap on the couch (again). Today, I finished the story (just over 1500 words!) and am still awake, alive and kicking. Woo-hoo!

Still, I hope you’ll understand if this is short post. I’m hoarding my strength for a walk later, once hubby gets home. So, let me direct you here, for an inside look at a new editor’s experience with editing an anthology. I have an insidious reason for this: I get mentioned! Yes, it’s a guest post by the Sidekicks! editor, Sarah Hans. We did write back and forth a couple times, trying to find a way to a mutually-agreeable title for the story she’d accepted into that anthology. I found it very satisfying, by the way. Having someone else care just as much as you do about your title is pretty awesome. And I love the title we came up with! It’s better than the title I’d originally given the story, in my opinion. And I’m sure Sarah is happy with that, too! 🙂