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Happy Summer!

solstice sunIt’s Solstice Day, the first day of summer. The weather here is gorgeous, warm and sunny. Yesterday I picked up hubby from the airport after he was gone 2 weeks on business. Yes, life is good, and I am happy. Hope you are, too.

In other news, the anthology What Fates Impose is over a third (almost half!) funded on Kickstarter. And, the editor is offering giveaways, one to someone in the first 100 backers, and a second giveaway to someone in the first 150 backers. Things there got hung up for a while as the whole Kickstarter controversy blew up and the publisher and editor had to decide (with input from the current backers) on how to proceed, but fortunately that has concluded somewhat impressively.

Finally, on June 18th, I went and saw Neil Gaiman speak on the release day for “The Ocean at the End of the Lane.” It was lovely, despite the rain. The crowd was full of good cheer, and Neil and his wife Amanda Palmer (a surprise guest!) were wonderful together and with us, the audience. He read from the book, and I loved hearing his Sussex accent for a couple characters. Not being from England, or familiar with those accents, it added much to my own later reading. Needless to say, I devoured the book and found it all flavors of awesome!

I have to admit, with all this wonderfulness, it’s hard to get into the right frame of mind for my current writing projects, both of which are rather dark and/or grim. It may be time to start another, lighter tale. Or edit. Or both. On the beach, perhaps? Or should I just take paper and pen across the street into the cemetery? Sunshine and death on the same page. That could be…interesting.