“What Fates Impose” Signal Boosting

coverOkay, so you’ve heard that my story “Worthy” was published in an anthology by Alliteration Ink. Now, this same publisher is putting together a new anthology, called “What Fates Impose,” which is spec fic relating to divination of various types. They are running a Kickstarter to be able to pay the authors pro rates for their stories. Check out the link here to see the table of contents (lots of upcoming, new talent there, eh-what? and some “names,” too), and all the levels of backing support offered (a couple of tuckerizations are still left, I think, as well as some professional critiquing, if you’re interested in those).

Now, before you ask, no, my work won’t be in this one. But it sounds like pretty darn good reading, and Alliteration Ink is a pretty darn nice place (good people). I’mletting you know about it here. I’ve already reserved my copy, and hope you might find it interesting enough to support, too.

2 thoughts on ““What Fates Impose” Signal Boosting”

  1. Rad! I have a friend in that anthology. (His story is, um, *loosely* based on true life experiences with eating too many marshmallow peeps for a yearly contest our favorite coffee shop used to host. :D)

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