Nature, Rejection

Spring is Green and Gray and Mud-Brown

Yes, Spring is here–in the form of rains and low clouds and mud, mud, mud. Flowers, too, but in the rain, well, it’s hard to get outside to appreciate them. Sigh. But that means it’s a good day for writing. No distractions out the windows.

ugly fox In “Great Animal Sighting” news:  A while back, hubby and I traveled to Island Beach State Park. As we drove in the long, straight and mostly deserted road, a distant car  drew near. A dark shape shot out from the sandy scrub and dunes surrounding us, close to the oncoming car. Oh, no, I thought, they lost their dog. Or someone lost their dog. Because obviously, this creature was heading for that car, for their doors.

The car slowed, and so did the dog. But it was an odd-looking dog. After a moment, hubby and I both realized that was no dog, it was a fox. And, it was begging for handouts from passing cars!

The other car drove on, and the fox turned towards us. Driving slowly, we crept alongside the fox. It looked directly at the driver’s side window (which was securely rolled up! No fox is leaping inside with me, I’ll have you know) before sidling back and behind us. A few yards further along came this sign:

fox sign

Perfect timing, I tell you!

“And did this sighting come with a rejection?” I hear you asking. Well, of course it did. Great walloping ones. But if I’m being superstitious about cool animal sightings bringing rejection, shouldn’t there be a benefit in there, too? I think so. So from now on, I think rain should bring good news. It seems to rain here rather a lot. I hope to have lots and lots of good news to share 🙂  And if I do, well, you’ll know to come up with your own handy superstitions. Yup. That and lots and lots of writing.