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After Vacation, the Laundry

I’m back from vacation with new spring in my step, new ideas percolating in my mind, and new energy with which to tackle writing. And isn’t that the best part of vacation? Rest and relaxation lead to renewed energy for the rest of life.

The ColonyWe went to South Miami Beach, home of winter warmth, sunshine and water. It was wonderful to not be cold. Our hotel had windows that actually opened (which did shock me, I’m afraid), so we turned the AC off and opened the window whenever we were there. It was close to the beach, so we played in the water every day except the one when purple flags indicated jellyfish were likely (and the next morning we found a man-o-war washed up on the beach–brrrrr!). We feasted on fresh citrus and tropical spices. We slept outside, in the shade of umbrellas, while the sea air waved over us, cool and moist. Low key? Definitely. Just what we were looking for.

I now have a head full of new ideas — from the socially-inept man on the beach staring at his cellphone with his back to the turquoise sea, to the sweating waiter smiling at us as he said what a beautiful day it was, to the homeless man by the beach ranting at all passing women. Ideas that may find their way into stories, or spark a story even if the spark ends up being cut.

Coming home brings new perspective, and, unfortunately, new challenges. Laundry, of course, but more: yesterday someone started spamming from one of my email accounts. I was alerted by numerous ‘undelivered’ emails coming back to me that I had never sent. (sigh) I really wanted to get new passwords on my accounts today. That is much more fun than writing (not!).

Still, the sun is shining in a blue sky, and the temps, while not South Beach warm, are manageable even so. I even sat out a bit at lunch! All is well in the world with me right now. Even though I haven’t finished my new story for this week yet (it’s only about halfway done), I have tonight and tomorrow. I hope you are feeling some contentment in life now too. And if not, write about someone who is. I promise, it’s a little bit contagious–in a good way.

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  1. To be content on vacation, what more can you ask for? Sounds like vacation was a success.

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