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Flogging the Dead Pony

Yes, yes, I know. Really I do. But I’m actually excited about this, so please–bear with me.

Sarah Hans, editor of Sidekicks!, has a guest post over at Denise Verrico’s Immortyl Revolution, where she talks about the editorial process for this anthology, and some of her personal concerns and goals for it. Even knowing Sarah, I found myself impressed by her concerns and even happier to have my story included in the final product. Give it a read; I’m betting you’ll be somewhat (pleasantly) surprised.

Next, and still relating to Sidekicks!, there’s another review up at Goodreads. This one (gasp!) mentions my name and story title! (Can you see me squee-ing? No? Let me try louder. OK, I think you got it now.) Well, the reviewer doesn’t actually review my story, just mentions it as a contrast to another … but still, you get the idea. I got mentioned. How incredible is that?

And now, for something completely different … here’s a link. Go there. Read it. (It’s not porn, I promise.) Then come back. I’ll wait, really I will.

OK then. Now, I haven’t signed anything, so I don’t want to make a ‘formal’ announcement yet, but I’ve been bouncing around, trying to sit on this happy, happy news. This is my work-around. What? I didn’t say anything. Nope. I just directed you to a website. 🙂 And we all know that if it’s on the internet, it has to be true.

Well, I’m off to grin like an idiot a while longer. Then, back to writing. Can’t get acceptances without having new stories to submit!

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