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Under the Weather

I’ve been lying low, keeping up my energy and spirits by reading, listening to audio books, and quilting. I love audio books, both for travel and when I’m sick. I can turn on one, close my eyes and slip into another world, forgetting my blahs and bleahs. When I feel a touch better, I pick up my hand quilting (or my appliqué or piecing), and keep my hands busy while I listen. This is my favorite version of “multi-tasking.” How do you feel about audio for fiction?

Meanwhile, I’ve discovered that I still can’t post on Write 1/Sub 1. Sigh. And I just found out that the post office back in Ohio never put in the change of address for hubby or me, so all our mail has either been sent back or piled up, until I called the other day. It was my second call, since the first time I was assured all would be well and I should just be patient and wait some ten days for the yellow-stickered items to show up. Yesterday the bulk-forwarded pile showed up, so now I merely need to wait another week for my change-of-address to be processed and in place. (Sure. I’m really betting on that happening this time, aren’t I?) Is it any wonder that I get sick every time we move?

Despite that, I have been writing and keeping to the W1/S1 schedule. I subbed a story yesterday, and finished a first draft today. It’s a flash-fiction piece that’s still untitled. Flash fiction is not my usual haunt, and I would probably have never looked at this market without W1/S1 urging me on. But, well, why not? I asked myself. After all, learning is learning. See what you can do with the theme, I said. I’m pretty pleased that I did.

Well, writing is done for the day here. Time to curl up with a good audio book. Good health and good writing to you!