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Sidekicks! Available Early–with FREE Ebook as a Bonus!

SIDEKICKS_COVEROK, so all in publishing isn’t smooth sailing. I think we can all agree on that. But this time the error will be in the buyer’s favor! If you’re thinking of purchasing the Sidekicks! anthology and can’t decide between print or ebook, now you can get both for the price of the print version. Here’s the link to the publisher’s website explaining the situation and the process, but the long and the short of it is that the print edition came up at Amazon earlier than anticipated–like, before the official release date! So as not to punish ebook purchasers, who have to wait for the conversion process, you can buy the print version and get the electronic version free when it’s ready. Gotta love free. 😉

Since we’re discussing this anthology, let me tell you a funny story (funny in retrospect that is, which is usually the way funniest things happen). I moved before the final proof came around. When the anthology (over 300 pages on the PDF proof) arrived for final editing by the authors, I had no internet except for on my smartphone–which isn’t the latest and greatest, but hey, it still works so it’s good enough for me.

Except when it’s not.When one tries to open a 300+ page PDF on it, using 3G, and scroll by hand to a story near the end of the document, it’s not good. I had to move no more than 10 pages at a time or the memory consumption caused the app to barf and shut down. I started over twice. Like I said, funny in hindsight.

Fortunately, there were no errors or corrections necessary on my part. I later (once real internet access was established) read the stories others wrote for the anthology, and I’m really loving this! The company is good indeed. If you purchase a copy, let me know what you think, both of my story and the anthology as a whole.