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Is It Winter 2013 Yet?

Who knew that getting online again could be so difficult? It took almost 2 hours on the phone with a “tech support person” who was clearly reading a script and had no real idea of what or how things worked. This is the future I looked forward to as a kid? Sigh. Well, it’s over, and I’m back online.

And I have great news to share. My story “Survival of the Wolf” has been accepted by Tales of the Talisman, and will be in the Winter 2013/14 edition. Yes, in print! This news came a couple days ago, and I’ve been bouncing around, dying to share my joy. My smartphone is good for short updates here, but not so great for actual websurfing or plopping links into posts, so I’ve had to sit on my hands. Besides the joy of print magazine publication, take a look at the covers on Tales. Aren’t they beautiful? And my story will be in one–squee!

OK, I’m calm. I swear it. More or less. 🙂

Now for the bad report: during the last 2 weeks, I’ve barely gotten any new writing done at all. Moving stress, unpacking, plain old fidgety worry–all these things kept my mind whirling and my thoughts distracted from the keyboard. So I just said, “Fine. Take the time off. Get something done, at least.” I’m trying not to feel guilty about not having written, but even that’s hard. (Do I sound whiny? Yes? Sorry. Tail end of stress is stringing me out.) Add to these the stresses of not being able to interact online in my usual venues–the CW forums, Lettermo, W1S1, etc., and it’s clear I wasn’t going to get any useful writing done. But next week, watch out! I’ve got stories that are pleading to be written, and edited, and even (gasp!), now that I’m online again, submitted.