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A Post of Super-Awesome Goodness!

OK, as you try not to choke on that title (either from laughing at how not-me it is, or from gagging at the thought that someone may actually believe that stuff), realize there is a kernel of truth. I have good news!

To wit, the Table of Contents for the Sidekicks! anthology is now available. I had to take time out from moving to post about this for a couple reasons. First of all, discovering that I know some of the other authors (either personally or by their work) is a lovely surprise. I think I’m in very good company in this anthology, and am very pleased to be associated with my fellow authors. Secondly, well, just look at those titles! Now I really want to read this anthology and discover all the darkness and loveliness within! The release is still slated for Millenicon, so if you’re there, stop by the Alliteration Ink table in the dealers’ room and tell them Mary sent you (realize this will likely get you a blank stare, or a punch in the nose–unless you purchase the antho, in which case you can say whatever you like and they’ll smile!). There is some chatter right now about readings at various cons where the publisher/editor/authors will be available, but (sigh) since I’m moving I’ll be unlikely to be able to participate. I’ll be there in spirit, I guess, if not in fact.

Over the weekend, hubby and I tried to squeeze in all the good things we could before we leave. Part of that was going to the toboggan run in the Metro Park. While we waited in line, it began snowing, which was awesome when we went down the run with snow stinging in my face! It meant I couldn’t see a darn thing (being in the front), and that the ‘brakes’ didn’t brake as well, so we cruised yards past the stopping point. Wheeee!

On the way there, we saw numerous deer, including one buck still carrying a huge rack of antlers. On the way back, we had to stop the car and wait in the falling snow as some three dozen wild turkeys crossed the road. I had never expected to see so many wily turkeys at once, and so openly. They didn’t even speed up as they stopped traffic, just kept on their way as if they couldn’t see us, or be seen themselves! So, I ask you: what dread rejection will come from these spectacular sightings? (please oh please not the Clarion/CW/Odyssey rejections already!)

2 thoughts on “A Post of Super-Awesome Goodness!”

  1. Congrats on the good company! I love a ToC where you get to rub shoulders with people you like and/or admire. ^__^

    Also I’m jealous of the snow. We’ve had NONE this year. I want to go sledding!

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