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Wherein I Rant about the Weather

What strange gods have wrested control of our weather? Yesterday was 60°F, warm and humid. Today it’s 18°F, and snow coats the ground and is flaking out of the sky. I mean, that’s just not right, or fair, and I think I want a vote on how many others agree with me. Can we force the weather to not trick us into warm complacency only to wham into us with a nasty cold front again? No?

Sigh. Maybe I need to move to a warmer clime. Move…oh, wait that’s right. New Jersey here I come!


2 thoughts on “Wherein I Rant about the Weather”

    1. Well, it *seems* to be a bit warmer, at least in winter. Moderating influences of the ocean and the gulf stream, I’m guessing, as opposed to our lake…which does freeze. In summer…? I may complain then about being too warm. But I doubt it. Ah, summer…

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