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What Joy!

Look what I have to show you!!! It’s the shiny cover-art for the Sidekicks! anthology. No, my character isn’t one of those on the cover, but those shown there are so perfect that I’m perfectly fine with that.

SIDEKICKS_COVERThis anthology, published by Alliteration, Ink!, is expected out around mid-March. I can’t wait to get my hands on one and read the other stories inside. I know one is from another writer I met in WriteShop (just before I moved), Michael Haynes. And the editor is Sarah Hans, who I trust to have chosen excellent stories on the subject.

What subject? Sidekicks, of course. Why would someone chose to be a sidekick? How do they feel always being on the blurry edges of fame, clinging to someone else’s glory but not able to grab it for themselves? Of course, super-heroes have sidekicks, and comic book characters of all types, but so do others. My story ended up being an other-world sword-and-sorcery type fantasy (without the sorcery, mind you). Just looking at the other sidekick characters illustrated here, this will be a fun mix-up of fantastic sub-genres.

Sarah reports the Table of Contents will be available soon at her website. Also, check out her post on the cover art and artist while you’re there.