Moving, Writing

Moving Again?!?

I just checked back to last January’s posts, and they were full of news about moving. And here we are a year later looking to repeat the process. Already the chaos is bubbling up from the ether were it normally lies in wait: the complex we’re moving to called yesterday with an offer for us. An apartment is unexpectedly available at the end of February; would we want it? When I visited 2 weeks ago, they told us our move-in would be at the end of March, maybe even pushing back into April. I put on my ‘waiting patiently’ hat. Now it looks like we’ll be moving in just 3 weeks! Ack! Time to put on the ‘crazy-busy’ hat.

Think the movers will carefully pack the empty box we're still using as a nightstand?
Think the movers will carefully pack the empty box from the last move that we’re still using as a nightstand?

I was sort of happy about the delay, because it meant that I could partake in the Month of Letters (February) without it causing headaches or conflicting with moving schedules, etc. My letter writing could be peaceful. And even more important, it wouldn’t interfere with dwindled fiction writing times. I’d have had a small space of calm before the storm in which to prepare myself.

I’m not about to turn down this offer though. Getting the move done means hubby and I live together again. It means life can proceed, not be ‘on hold’ until some future date. Yes, life will be a jumble and I’ll run around like an idiot trying to do five things at once for the next three weeks, but then it’ll be over. We’ll be moved. What a relief that will be.

In the midst of this, I’m writing, revising and submitting. Again, like last year, this sometimes feels like the only normal part of my life, more stable than the rest. Writing, submitting and rejections are the only sure things right now. All else is in flux. So I’m holding to my writing schedule as close as I can, as long as I can. Eventually it’ll slide (on the days I drive to our new state and our new apartment, for example), but until then I’ll write on and keep meeting the W1S1 goals as long as I can.

Anyone know a good spec fic writers’ group in the Red Bank area?