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My Travel and the Jay Lake Fundraiser

I’m traveling, looking for a new home in New Jersey, so I’ll be pretty much ignoring this blog for a few days. Take this as fair warning that things may be ‘unsettled’ here in blog-land until the move is completed and internet is restored in the new domicile.

First, though, I’d like to draw your attention to the Jay Lake fundraiser. Donate if you can, and even if you can’t, please spread the word. Here’s more info, copied from Mary Robinette Kowal’s blog:

“Jay Lake is an award-winning American author of ten science fiction novels and over 300 short stories. He is also one of more than a million Americans who have colon cancer. Diagnosed in April, 2008, Jay’s cancer has progressed from a single tumor to metastatic disease affecting the lung and liver, recurring after multiple surgeries and chemotherapy courses, and multiplying from single tumor presentations to multiple tumors presentations. Jay is now in his fourth round of chemotherapy, but it’s not clear that it’s working, and his doctors have little to go on in terms of advising further courses of treatment for him. In short, things are not looking good for Jay. Not at all.

“A group of science fiction and fantasy authors have joined forces to raise funds for Jay by committing Acts of Whimsy on the internet. These range from Cherie Priest’s Steampunk fashion show for pets to Neil Gaiman’s cover of a Magnetic Fields song on the ukulele. My own contribution will be to read beloved classics as if they are phone sex.

You can pledge here to help unlock one of these Acts of Whimsy and support Jay.

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