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Fox + Deer + Century Mark = Great News!

joyous leapYes, this is my 100th post, and boy do I have good news to share in it! I’ve just gotten word of an acceptance, so that raises my acceptances for 2012 to five. Yay! Apparently when you take a fox messenger and a deer messenger and a century-post, you get an acceptance, not a rejection as I’d feared :-). Mother Nature is tricksy that way; I suppose if it was easy to read the signs, no one would need oracles interpreted but would do it themselves. (Um, wait, this is the age of the Oracle of Delphi, right? No? Hmph. Darned Tardis going wacky on me again…).

This is an especially nice acceptance for me because of the circumstances. Back in early September, I was thinking about goals, both short-term and long-term. I decided that being invited to submit a story to an anthology would be so cool! But, as I well know, I’m a newbie writer; who would invite me to such a party? Thus, it went onto the “long-term” list with a five-year window to make it happen.

Five days later, I got an email from a writer I know. She was guest-editing an anthology and invited me to submit a story for consideration. So, from five years to five days. Nice way to keep a goal. Last night my story was accepted! Double-hurray!

I’ll post the details about this anthology and its publisher shortly. For now, I’m reveling in the glow of a great ending to a very mixed year. Watching the tiny snowflakes float earthward past my window, all is good in my world.

I wish you all a very happy new year, filled with both contentment and moments of pure joy.

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    1. I don’t mind 😉 And thanks!

      BTW, I see you’re eligible for the Campbell Award this year. Good luck. My fingers are crossed for you. Your stories are excellent!

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