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Dreams of Obsolescence, and Write 1/Sub 1 in 2013

I had the strangest darn dream last night. In it, I got a letter from Clarion accepting me as a 2013 attendee (yay!). The letter told me the list of supplies was included in the envelope. Tipping it over let a 3.5″ floppy disk fall out onto my hand. OH!!!! How was I ever going to see what I needed to attend?

As you might image, I woke after this and wondered what in the world I ate to conjure up such a strange dream. (I hope the first part is true, that at least one of the workshops accepts me this year. If they do, I’ll deal with a floppy disk–somehow.) Then I settled into nice, normal dreams of the zombie apocalypse… 😉 I’m sure hoping this isn’t one of those unusual animal messengers infiltrating my dreamscapes. Maybe that disk contained an encoded, um, earthworm? A chartreuse one.

W1S1 Year 3 GraphicOh, hey, what’s this strange-yet-cool badge here? Well, I’ve decided to join up with Write 1/Sub 1 in 2013. It’s a group of writers who are following in Ray Bradbury’s footsteps. From their site: “Ray Bradbury is reported to have finished a story each week, mailed it out to a magazine, then got to work right away on his next story. We’re going to spend this year in his shadow.”

There are two categories: monthly or weekly. I, of course, can’t fit into such strictures, so I’m carving out my own niche. I’m going for bi-weekly. To illustrate: this week write a story, the next week submit a story, the third week write a story, the fourth submit a story. Repeat each month. Since I don’t write much flash fiction, this fits my writing style better, and my goals. The weekly check-in will help keep me motivated. And the cheerleading … well, can you ever have too much cheerleading? (Outside of high school sports, that is?)

I’m hoping Write 1/Sub 1 will increase my output (I’ve gotten into the holiday slump — ugh.). I’m also hoping to join in with a wider community of writers. Are you a W1/S1 member? Have any advice? Thinking of joining? Let me know. And I’ll let you know how it goes for me in 2013.

5 thoughts on “Dreams of Obsolescence, and Write 1/Sub 1 in 2013”

    1. Nope! Quoting from Common Errors in English Usage: The Book:

      “Technically, a biweekly meeting occurs every two weeks and a semiweekly one occurs twice a week; but so few people get this straight that your club is liable to disintegrate unless you avoid these words in the newsletter and stick with “every other week” or “twice weekly.” The same is true of “bimonthly” and “semimonthly,” though “biennial” and “semi-annual” are less often confused with each other.”

      Want more? Here’s a link: http://public.wsu.edu/~brians/errors/book.html

      BTW, I applaud the pedantic tendencies. I gots ’em too!

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