World Fantasy Con and Rodent Update

I’m just back from WFC 2012 in Toronto — well, almost. I got back last night, but my hubby merely tucked me into bed as I babbled on about Moving Wells, possessed elevators, too many books, and how good maple whisky is. Do I need to say I had a great time? I do? Well, I had a fantastic time.

I met new people, starting with those in the caravan driving north. I’d heard of Lucy Snyder (a founding member of WriteShop), but as she’s a member-emeritus now, I’ve never had the opportunity to really speak with her before. Yes, she’s smart and funny and a good person. She brought along another writer I’d never met, Linda Robinson. Linda was truly kind to me, the ‘new writer.’ We spent part of an evening talking about writing, characters and real life in the hallway outside the packed and loud Con Suite. It was great, and very much appreciated. It made me feel like an insider for a change–thanks Linda!

What else to say? There is so much. Listening to music performed by Charles de Lint and his wife and other extremely talented musician/authors–amazing. Seeing the glow of newly-crowned “authors” whose first novels they proudly showing off made me giddy with them; talking Clarion with  former attendees (I’m still a hopeful!) made me eager for submissions to open again; sharing table-space and anecdotes with others–both famous and not–in the Con Suite simply made me glad to be human and be there. I loved the chemistry I glimpsed at work between Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, John Joseph Adams, Aliette de Bodard (who I actually couldn’t see as JJA blocked my view of her), and Mary Robinette Kowal (sorry, I’m not linking to them–if you don’t know them, I suggest you Google these people, and soon!) at the EPIC release party. It made me remember all the joy I get out of writing, why I write to begin with–which was a great thing to recall, just then. Lavie Tidhar’s acceptance of his Best Novel award moved me to tears. (He took the award in hand, said “Thanks,” into the mic and was gone again, too overcome to speak.)

There was more, so much more. But I’ll stop here. You get the idea, and I need to process so much yet. And then I need to sort through the stack of books I brought home… .

Ah, but first, I can hear you asking about the ‘Rodent’ portion of this headline. Are we infested with mice? Did Tribbles overwhelm the Con? No to both. When I got to Toronto, I hit wifi and checked my email. There it was: an email accepting me into the Cleveland-area spec fic writing group called the Cajun Sushi Hamsters! Weeeeeee! What a great way to start the long weekend.

But now, it’s over. I’m home, and a rejection has come through into my inbox. But that’s okay, because it’s a big, beautiful world out there, and I’m only writing a tiny part. Fame and fortune go to some few, but to all who write goes the glory of the written word. Happy writing.