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Change is more than in the air–it’s here, at this blogsite. After a year, it was time to evaluate, and to fix what wasn’t working and finish a few other things.

The “Deadlines” page is no more. I found I’m not sending to most of those anymore, and that I’m not finding anything appealing to me (maybe the former is due to the latter, ya think??). So it’s gone, and is now replaced by a “Links of Interest” page. These are not necessarily writing-related, but instead are links to pages and places and things I enjoy. Maybe you will, too. Check it out.

I’ve also updated the “Library” page. It was in desperate need of updating, since when I made that page half my books were tucked away in preparation for moving. Now you’ll find a few more books there that have guided me to this point.

I’ve added onto the Home page as well. You’ll find the “Now Reading” and “Now Listening To” widget boxes. Yes, I know I’m very much behind with the George R. R. Martin book–but why should I rush to keep up-to-date and then have to sulk for a year or so waiting for the next book to appear? I’m just pacing myself. In the “Listening” category, I like audio books for travel and for listening to while I quilt. Very soothing, and it cuts my “must-read” list considerably!

Whew! That was all good stuff, but time-consuming (but what isn’t?). Now, on to the real-life stuff: The weather has been absolutely stunning. Now it’s mostly sunny and in the 70’s, but the day started with clouds and rain. Which means the air is soft and humid–just the way I love it. These days, these simply wonderful autumn days with an atmosphere that caresses your lungs and skin the way silk does–oh I love these. The ground is still warm, so even if it’s raining you can feel that warmth. The humidity is a balm to sinuses and skin and hair, softening and sweet. It’s in stark contrast to the coming dryness of cold winter days. (Brr.) At this time of year, I remember growing up in the countryside, surrounded by utterly flat fields of amber-colored wheat, the sky huge overhead. The field was tall grain one day, stubble the next. Change.

What’s the weather like in your story? What weather do your characters like, and why. What memories does rain or sun bring back for them? This is ‘everyday magic’ for your story. Make me believe your world through your characters’ knowledge of and reactions to the small things around them, and I’ll believe the walloping lies you tell later.

What’s the weather like in your part of the world?

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