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Prompting the Muse

Just a quick post today as an update. I’ve done it again–gone ahead and fallen in love with Chuck Wendig’s flash fiction challenges, despite having no time for such silly ventures!

Instead of using these to write flash stories, I tend to use these prompts to get my creative juices flowing in new ways, on ideas that are tasty and different. So I don’t write flash stories, necessarily, just stories of whatever length they need to be. And I certainly don’t get them finished within a week (oh, I wish!). I’m just not that fast.

Right now, I’m ‘worrying’ on the last two weeks’ challenges. If you’re following them, for the first I rolled “Weird–Graveyard–Addiction.” Maybe this sounds easy to you, but I’m not one for writing ‘weird’ stories, so there is the challenge for me. Still, I’ve gotten a good idea and am just waiting for the darn plot to find me–or for me to find the plot, whichever way it goes!

For the second one I rolled “Paranormal Romance–Hell–Weapons of Mass Destruction.” Again, I do not write paranormal romance, or romance of any kind. Um, well, except for that story I Promised You a Miracle, which got published. And was a Chuck Wendig challenge. Hmm. So, I reconsidered. And then my husband made some silly toss-off remark that just resounded in my head, ringing other bells, until a story began to coalesce from those fiery furnaces of Hades, where it was set. And here I am, picking away at this one too.

So, how about you? Got any good sites for story prompts that you want to share? Or tales about the stories you’ve written from prompts?

3 thoughts on “Prompting the Muse”

  1. Cue me swallowing nervously… I just started sending out one of my CW stories which *could* be described as “weird–graveyard–addiction.” I hope there aren’t too many of those floating around.

    My friend Sean runs a site at which uses photos (most real, some photoshopped) as prompts.

    1. If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t see anyone *else* getting that combo in his comments, so you’re probably in the clear. And thanks for the writing prompts site; it looks cool!

      BTW, you haven’t mentioned much about your CW experience (hint, hint).

      1. Argh, I know! hahaha! Some of my classmates posted about it but… I just don’t even know where to start. Hopefully soon I will feel more like I could actually convey some of it in words (and photos).

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