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My Story at Every Day Fiction Today!

What an amazing thing to see–I opened my email and saw a subject line containing my story’s and my own names! So yes, today is the day that “I Promised You a Miracle” is up at Every Day Fiction. It’s a romantic tale with a slight SF vein.

How this story began is an interesting little tale, too. A member of my writing group wrote a post about the story she’d written for Chuck Wendig’s Song Shuffle Challenge. It sounded like an interesting concept, but really, I didn’t have time. I did hop over to the original posting by Chuck Wendig and, well, just for grins and giggles, flipped to iTunes to see what I’d come up with if I were writing this story: “I Promised You a Miracle” by Simple Minds. (yeah, I’m that old.)

My mind latched onto that idea and just wouldn’t let go. So what if I didn’t have time; it didn’t matter. I tried to talk myself out of it for half a day. After all, I don’t write romance. And I was just too busy! I shouldn’t have wasted that time, because, in the end (as you can plainly see) I did have time and the story was written.

So, thank you, Sarah Hans and Chuck Wendig, and thank you internal editor/muse. Your presenting this idea, and not letting me shake it off, got me here.

Now I’m interested in hearing what story you’ve written that surprised you, or that got written “against the odds.” Post a comment and lets hear from you.

9 thoughts on “My Story at Every Day Fiction Today!”

  1. I just read your story on Every Day Fiction and I can’t believe it didn’t get a better rating. I thought it deserved at least four or five stars. I loved it. I thought he was going to kill her when he took her out to nowhere and even afterward when he took her home I thought he might have something nasty in mind. When it turned out to be a wonderful ending, I was surprised. I love happy endings. Just wanted to let you know, you did great. I’m glad your blog site address was included in your bio.

  2. Thanks, Donna. I’m glad you liked the story. I realize not everyone will, especially since it’s “light” SF and romantic, too — that turns lots of folk right off. I’m OK with that; there are genres I’m not fond of reading, too. The true audience will be pleased, the rest not, as with any story.

  3. That was cute 😀 I confess I didn’t have quite the same sinister expectations as the first comment’s author, heh, but I didn’t know what the note would say. When she read it, it was perfect!

    1. Thanks, Cory. Yeah, ‘light’ and ‘cute’ describe “Promise” accurately. It’s not where I usually write, but I’m happy with the results here. It was fun to write!

  4. i think this is a great story and it kept the suspense up right to the end, i almost thought he was going to push her over the cliff after he parked the car! and i think romance and sci fi might be good to attract those women unsure of trying sci-fi

    1. Thanks Jane. I’m glad you liked the story. Your comment about SF and romance possibly attracting women to the genre is a good one. There is much wonderful SF out there, but too often women think it’s all “unaccessible” stuff, without realistic characters and with plot lines revolving around science, not people. If romantic SF gives someone the courage to read further in the genre, I can only applaud!

      1. I would like to get into the reading of science fiction but the “hard sci- fi “angle puts me off. Do you have a website to communicate with as I like your style of writing with a contact link to send emails – no pressure !!!!

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