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…I’m Back…and with Good News!

What a month! As if it wasn’t hard enough dealing with the loss of my dog, last week my computer’s hard drive had to die. Fortunately, the data that I needed was saved, and the computer was still under warranty, so no major, irreversible damage occurred. But I lost the use of the computer for five days, and then had to re-install software…ugh. Couple all this with a family member’s surgery, and you have a very wrung-out writer, with not so many words for the week. (I found my mind drifting too much when I tried pen and paper. Which is odd, because I usually love writing by hand…)

Now it looks like I’m back where I was a week ago. Except my computer’s running much faster now, and all those ‘I really don’t use them but I can’t throw them away’ files are gone. Looks like I’ll be writing my fingers off, trying to catch up to where I should be in the Write-a-thon.

But — I have great news to share. My story “The Chains that Bind” is being picked up by Fiction365. (I don’t have the scheduling for it yet, but it’ll be a couple months out. I’ll post here when I have the date.) Yippee! Good news in the midst of all the bad.

There is no sugar (to make the medicine go down, you know) to match the feeling I got when I read that acceptance. A bit of boost, telling me I’m doing something right, that someone appreciates my hard work at refining my craft. Relief, that yes indeed it’s not all for naught. You know? (And if you’re writing, I’m sure you do.)

I’d love to hear your ‘best acceptance’ story. How did it make you feel?

6 thoughts on “…I’m Back…and with Good News!”

  1. Congratulations! It’s about time you get some good news. (Any weird nature occurrences that we can pretend were omens?!)

    All acceptances are good. I do have a best rejection, though. Once, ChiZine sent me a personalized rejection which came in the form of two separate letters from two editors at the magazine, telling me how sorry they were that they couldn’t buy my beautiful story, and wishing me good luck and inviting me to send more and so on. I think it’s pretty safe to guess it will take many years to find a rejection that makes me feel happier than that one did. 😉 Most acceptances aren’t even as flattering as that double-rejection was!

    1. Wow. That’s a *Great* rejection! Unfortunately, I can’t think of any ersatz-omens to apply to this acceptance (or should that be ‘fortunately?’), so I’m guessing that run is over and done with. But it was really fun, if a bit creepy, while it lasted.

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