Write-a-thon Update: Day 16

I’m back to writing again. Yesterday I finished a revision on a short story and sent it to my writing group for comments. It’s not in my stated CW Write-a-thon goals, but I figured no one would hold it against me to slide into writing easily. Editing a piece (even with a chainsaw, as this one needed) is easier for my distracted brain to grasp on to, and thus I’m more likely to succeed and then to go back the next day.

It seems I succeeded well enough, since today I…are you ready for this?finished my novella! Well, at least the first (very rough) rough draft. The piece got distracted and runs in circles about 80% of the way through (corresponding with my concern over an increasingly sick dog). But the end is tidy enough. And — it’s done. On to the next, for now. Editing this will come later, after the write-a-thon is over and I can look at it with fresh eyes.

Recording my writing yesterday, and again today, felt really good. Satisfying, even. It feels like a return to normalcy in this, my surreal (post-real?) world.

The bad news is that now I have to write a short story every week, for three weeks! (picture me biting my nails) I think I’ll get started tomorrow, right away. I may need the extra time as “padding.” Or, I may just end up with an extra story! And I wouldn’t be at all opposed to that.