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My Broken Heart Will Heal

Rest in Peace my constant canine companion

Luna Bella Dickens
Jan. 18, 2005  – June 29, 2012

I will always miss your sweet nature, your loving smile, and those full-body wags.
My only consolation is that you went peacefully to your end.

3 thoughts on “My Broken Heart Will Heal”

  1. I’ve had the “stop writing and play with me!” photo of her open in my browser since your last post, so every time I used my computer I would see her sweet face. She was adorable, and I’m so glad she lived with someone who cared for her as much as you. There are all kinds of luck, and I’d like to think the quality of time you spend is a better kind of luck than how long you have.

    1. Thanks so much. She gave me so much joy, and I know we gave it right back to her–you could tell by her smiles, by her whole attitude. Right now I’m so happy that I didn’t get into Clarion or CW; I’d have turned it down at the last minute to be with my girl, no question about it.

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