Writing Encouragement

Everyone needs a little encouragement now and again. When I get down, I like to think about all the books and stories out there, published by someone, bought by others to read. I’ll get there, I tell myself. I will!

And every once in awhile, along comes something that just makes milk come out my nose, ya know? Something so outrageous, I have to just stop and shake my head. Here is the latest one. I found this book in a local branch of the library, so not only did someone write it and have it published, a library found fit to carry the title. And, I tell myself, if this makes the grade, then surely my writing will!

I mean, really?

Yes, I admit I’m not a cat owner. But I like cats. And this–well, it seems to me kind of like feeding ground cow-meal to cows (and getting mad-cow disease, you know!). The back copy started with text in a starburst that read: Got Hairballs? I just had to snap this photo between my giggles.

So, take heart, all you struggling writers. We will make it! Maybe someday our books will sit alongside this lovely tome in the local library!  🙂