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CW Write-a-thon: Day One, Update One

It’s the first day of the Clarion West Write-a-thon! Yay! (To everyone at Clarion West right now, good luck. And congrats on Day One.)

2012 Clarion West Write-a-thon

I’ve already written today, 1,000 words on my novella “Fireseed.” And I’ll do more this evening, too. That puts me at just over 12,000 words total.

Today’s writing got me through a crucial point in the narrative, when my protagonist finally takes the bull by the horns and gives her life a shake and restart. I’ve been waiting for this bit for quite awhile, and I’m pleased by how it went. Now the tone of the story changes, and I think — I hope — that it’ll get easier for me to write. Not bad for Day One, huh?

To all who’ve sponsored me so far, thank you. I appreciate your votes of confidence. And remember, it’s not too late to sponsor me, or any other CW Write-a-thon author. Just click here and go to the person’s name you want to sponsor. It’s that easy!

In other news, I’m holding my breath: walking this morning the dog and I came across a baby raccoon right at the edge of the path. It exploded from the leaves into a tiny ball of growl and back-arching menace, all of 8 inches tall, as we passed. (Unfortunately, there was no way for me to get near it, no way for me to help it. Captured raccoons are routinely put down, and it’s being abandoned and awake during the day most likely means it’s sick and almost dead. I couldn’t find a place to take it in, and I still feel terrible about walking away. Sigh.) A short while later, we say a wild turkey strutting down the path, refilling its crop with gravel until we showed up. It was my first close-up view of a wild turkey.

For those of you who’ve read here often, you know that it’s beginning to seem like whenever I see a really cool bit of wildlife, I get rejections. These were definitely in the “really cool wildlife” category, so now I wait. So far, nothing. Could this be the one that proves the superstition wrong? I hope so!

2 thoughts on “CW Write-a-thon: Day One, Update One”

  1. I will cross… my ankles! Since I need my fingers to type this to you. ❤

    Super envious of the baby raccoon sighting, even if it was slightly sad. Plus, even a baby raccoon is a fantastic opportunist, and it may be that the reason it was so pissed off is because you got close to the discarded apple/McDonald's sandwich/squirrel roadkill that it found and dragged into the bushes to eat. I'll cross my ankles for that, too.

    1. So far, so good. And yeah, that raccoon-baby rocked. It was so cute, trying to look so tough (can’t believe i just used the word ‘cute’). But…aren’t you crazy-busy? Or is this your “avoidance tactic” until you get swamped? Write on!

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