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Superstition or Coincidence?

So, today the unusual occurred. Again.

I saw a small snake on the path and had to wake it up to shoo it off before the dog or I stepped on it. And it was pretty warm, so I can’t figure out why it was so lethargic. Neat, but no big deal. Later we were walking (okay, my head was on writing, so I was likely trudging along) when I got a sudden weird feeling and looked up to see a large dark spot hanging in the tree branches. My hackles went up until it resolved into the back of an owl. How cool was that?

I put the dog into a sit-stay and walked some distance around the tree the owl perched in. I wanted to see if it was a barred owl, like I’d seen so often in the old home. (Barred owls are the only smooth-headed owl with dark eyes here in Ohio.) As you can see from this photo (taken with my miserable cell-phone camera – ugh!), it is.

I was really excited to see this guy, and to get a good picture of him (considering the camera, it’s good). Then I felt that old fear trembling my belly. ‘Oh no,’ I thought. ‘I bet I’m getting rejected again today.’ Then I told myself not to be so superstitious. After all, just because I see cool wildlife does not mean I’m going to receive a rejection. Right?

Wrong! A couple hours after getting back, there it was. Nice, personalized, telling me I’d made it to the last round but still no go. Sigh. So what is it with Mother Nature and my rejections? Well, at least I got to see a really cool owl.

5 thoughts on “Superstition or Coincidence?”

  1. HUGE OWL. 😀 I think the nature sightings/rejection letters connection is really creepy, but neat. I mean, if you have to get a warning of some kind about rejections, it might as well be close encounters with animals.

    1. Ooh, as long as it’s not a bear! They really creep me out (few live in Ohio, none near me, so I should be safe…), so I can’t see that “close encounter” going well.

  2. I hope the opposite doesn’t happen if you see an unfortunate event. That would be freaky. Cool pic of an owl!

    1. So I’d get an acceptance if I saw, say, a deer getting hit by a car? Hmmm. . . I mean, yuck! No thanks. Not the way I wanna go with this acceptance thing.

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