Adding Good News onto Good!

Wow! What a week! Two days ago I finished up a story’s “final” draft and submitted it to my fellow writing group members for a crit. Honestly, what I was trying was kinda “out there” for me, and I wasn’t all that sure of how well I’d managed to pull it off. Imagine my pleasant surprise when the initial reviews were favorable.

So, another day of re-writing: cutting, pasting, undoing, re-doing, third-guessing, then just going for it. Then, on to the tiny needles to lace it all together again, making it look like I’d meant this all along. I re-submitted it and begged for “quick peeks” from the ever-patient, long-suffering WriteShoppers. I summarized what I’d done, posted the file and waited for feedback while chewing my nails. I mean, I was surprised the story went over as well as it did the first time. This time, ripped apart and sewn back together like a Frankenstein monster–could it cut it? Had I gone backwards, or forwards with the rewrite? I think I wore our internet server out, checking emails all afternoon and evening. (Have I mentioned that I hate waiting??)

The answer was a “Yay!” Of course there were small edits here and there (too many uses of the protag’s name, a couple places of closely-repeated verbs that, in my haste, I didn’t catch, etc. (Have I mentioned I l-o-v-e my writing group? You guys are fantastic! Hint: if you want to write and don’t have a writing group, go find one. Now!)

As of this afternoon, submission complete. No, it hasn’t been accepted yet. It might not be. But I really think this one will find a good home, whether with this publication or the next. I am so filled with hope I tingle! (Gotta love that post-writing high. Does anyone else feel this way after a particularly good story is submitted?)

Now I settle in for the wait (sigh). Oh, and the three other stories I want to work on. Anyone got a chainsaw handy…?