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Moving and the Moons of Jupiter

So much has been going on lately it’s hard to know where to begin! The biggest time-eater is still the upcoming, planned-for move. We have more solid footing on the ‘move-to’ side, but the ‘move-from’ side has issues even yet. This blog-post was interrupted for half an hour while I dealt with the latest “emergency.” I don’t think I’ll be completely relaxed about this whole business until after we the close the sale on our house. And then the packing begins!

Moving brings up so many issues: canceling services, changing addresses and email addresses, starting services at the new address, selling/giving away items we’ll no longer need and storing others, getting all the keys back from people who have house keys (yes, many neighbors have keys to our house, and we have keys to theirs. Uh-oh, add another item on the to-do list: returning keys!)–the list goes on and on.

Between these things, life–and writing–goes on. The dog gets walked, and my dog-walking friends get updates as our dogs play and run. While talking to realtors on the phone, I’m doing laundry or sorting through books to donate, or wondering how many keys to the house are actually out there (or walking the dog). Multi-tasking is the only way things get done.

When I finally pull out the laptop and open the file du jour, it’s a relief to have only one thing going on. Even though I have more than one story in process, I’m only working on one at a time. Two are getting the most attention now:  I’m editing a story I recently finished, and researching another as I begin writing, seeing where I’m going and who’s on the trip with me.

This new story is significant for me in that it’s one of the first SF stories I’m writing. I’ve come to the realization that I’ve been avoiding SF because I’ve been subconsciously thinking I can’t write it–because I’m not a scientist. Well, that surprised me. I know that you don’t need to be a scientist to write SF, any more than you need to be an elf to write fantasy, but I guess I didn’t believe it.

So now I’m proving it to myself–by purposefully writing SF. And I’m enjoying it! The research is fascinating. The moons of Jupiter are amazing places, and I always find human genetic modification interesting. More than this I won’t say, since I don’t want to curse myself, or try to set in stone something that’s still too fluid for a final shape. I want to remain open to the possibility that this story, especially, may change drastically between now and when I set down my pen (or type ‘The End’). The going is slower than usual, since I’m far out of my comfort zone, but it’s still moving along.

But the story is coming together faster than my move seems to be, and that alone keeps me coming back. Now let’s see which one gets accomplished first!

2 thoughts on “Moving and the Moons of Jupiter”

  1. Glad to read the SF writing is going better than expected. Well at least one out of two ain’t bad.

    1. True, it could *always* be worse. Just that it’s hard to see how a move across the state can be *so* much harder than when we moved overseas, and back again!

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