Moving, Writing

Oh, Let the Moving Begin!

It’s been an uproarious week for me. The new year has been a roller coaster whirl of activity. Our house has been shown 4 times since January 2. That’s a lot of cleaning up and cleaning out, folks. And it put a strain on writing time, let me tell you. But it seems it was worth it; right now, we are mere hours away from being in contract. Woo-hoo! Feet doing the happy-dance.

This means we now get to the part about ‘looking for a place to live.’ Oh. Yeah. In the snow and cold that have finally settled in Ohio. Ugh. Talk about a strain on writing time–just defrosting my fingers will take most of my free time, I think. Not that I’m complaining! ‘Sold’ is a good word, really.

Snow is finally covering the ground, and is falling gently right now. Very pretty, very calming. And it reminds me of everything I’ll miss when I leave this house, this yard. But change is in my future, so no use fighting it. ‘Different’ might not always be better, but ‘Better’ is always something different, as the saying goes. I just wonder what window I’ll be looking out of next year at this time as I struggle for the right word.

In the midst of all this tumult, I found myself caught up in a writing prompt from Chuck Wendig’s TerribleMinds blog. The guidelines were simple: put your iPod on ‘shuffle’ and play. Your short-story title is the name of the first song that comes up, and there’s a 500-word limit. Well, I didn’t fall under 500 words (I went to 974, and at double the length, I didn’t feel right posting it), but I’m thinking this tale from the musical wavelengths has some merit. It’s up at my writing group right now, garnering some critical eyes and advice. Depending on the outcome, I may post it here later, after it makes some rejection-rounds. (No, this isn’t me being totally pessimistic. It’s me outwitting the jealousies of the fates by not hoping too highly.)

So, I’ll try posting to this blog as often as is feasible, but don’t freak out if you don’t see my weekly posting for the next 6-8 weeks or so, or if the posts are short and sweet. Getting my writing done is my first priority. Blogging about it comes later.

In the meantime, happy winter to everyone now experiencing snow! And send some good thoughts my way (regarding moving, selling, weather, etc.) if you can. I can surely use it!