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On Top of the World

Both Wicked East Press anthologies that my stories will appear in have shipped “Authors’ Proofs” this week. These are my first (but with any luck not the last) author’s proofs I’ve received, and getting them made me do a dance for joy. Something about “Author’s Proof” in the email ‘subject’ line, and my name in the ‘to’ line seems magical, wondrous and very fine. I’ve been wearing a secret, sly smile for days, hugging the news to myself: someone else has named me ‘author.’

It’s one thing to believe yourself to be a writer, and a very important one at that. But I can honestly say that reading ‘author’ attached to my name sent a frisson of energy shimmering down my spine. It can happen. It is happening. To me. I am becoming … an author. What a fine counterpoint to ‘writer’ that is!

Smile with me!

6 thoughts on “On Top of the World”

    1. Thanks Marc! I’m still a bit bubbly, but I’m back writing new stuff–and now, reading author proofs. Such are the “burdens” of success! 🙂

  1. Two dictonaries later and no frisson. hmmm Stop shivering and enjoy!!!! We celebrated with style with an “AUTHOR.” I am honored. Woot, woot!!!!!!!!!

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